So this is love

“So this love So this is what makes life divine I’m all aglow and now I know The key to our heaven is mine..” — unknown


“I’m a little obsessed with you You’re a little obsessed with me too…” — N.B.

Got me happy

“My whole life got me ready for you Got me happy…” — A.G.

Feed the flame

“Seasons change and our love went cold Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let go Run away, but we’re running in circles” — P.M.


“all this time and he never told you.” — H.T.


“Another day in this carnival of souls Another nights ends, end as quickly as it goes The memories are shadows, ink on the page And I can’t seem to find my way home..” — FFDP

We can work it out

“Yeah, look at you, boy, I invented you Your Gucci tennis shoes running from your issues Cardio good for the heart (good for the heart) I figure we can work it out.” — A.G.