Paints in white

I’m coming in hot, I’m coming in fast, Take my time, It’s so damn hard I’ll make this last. I’m the artist, Paints in white, Your skin canvas, I’ll leave you scratching, gasping, screaming, screaming — O.M.M.


“Good morning, love.” *Makin’ Whoopee- Doris Day*

Broken Home Pt. 3

“There was life, there was love Like a light and it’s fading out..” — 5SOS Part 1 & Part 2

Twisted Tuesday

  What the flip is up fART frands. How’s life been treating ya? Well… for me… it’s been sucky. Everything that could go wrong literally WENT WRONG. But ya know what? That’s okay. For the past 4ish days I’ve been working on this piece every time life has been treating me sucky and I am…